“Frankly Speaking” Welcomes You to Join the Conversation

Welcome to the first edition of “Frankly Speaking,” our monthly blog where we will offer timely tips, trustworthy advice, industry insights, and perhaps some light humor to our wonderful customers—all in a readable, interactive format.

For decades, “Frankly Speaking” was the title of the very popular monthly intra-office newsletter for Frank’s employees, and past issues are still routinely shared and discussed among former employees on social media and other forums.

Here’s the first page of “Frankly Speaking” from November 1978, highlighting some recent noteworthy events from back then. Notice that Frank’s had recently opened two new stores (Mt. Prospect, Illinois and Baltimore, Maryland), bringing the total number of stores to 70 at that time. Frank’s was growing rapidly and had become a fixture in many areas of the country by then!

We hope to enliven the spirit of the original “Frankly Speaking,” which was chock full of great stories, achievements  and milestones within the Frank’s family of employees and management. Our goal is to help you create more beauty to be enjoyed within your home and surroundings, whether through lawn and garden care guidance, arts and craft ideas or holiday decorating tips.

You’re invited to join the conversation! We’ll link each blog post to the Frank’s Facebook and Instagram pages to facilitate easy community conversations and feedback. We welcome your ideas and input to make “Frankly Speaking” your go-to source for everything BEAUTIFUL!